Perhaps if it weren’t for my two dogs, I'd have no stories to tell. The dogs need walks, and it’s on these walks where I find the stories I need to write. On occasion, I can be spotted along the Creekside trail, muttering and mumbling and trying to hash out some decent dialogue.

​While my stories have appeared in online publications and three anthologies, I'm proudest of my letters to the editor of my local newspaper—usually involving trash and litter on those beloved trails. As a husband and father of two, I usually write on my lunch break, in the car, closet, or basement, whenever I can find a slice of spare time.

​​I've written more than one manuscript and used them to start more than one fire. But my debut, Justice in a Bottle is being considered by the New York Public Library for their "Best of 2020" list. And stay tuned, I have four books being published in 2021, starting with Bricktown Boys in January.


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