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The Map of Us - Book Review

The Map of Us by S.A. Fanning BY  THEPRAIRIESBOOKREVIEW   on   NOVEMBER 26, 2022   •   (  0  )   Raw and emotional… Fanning’s engrossing sequel to The Girl In My Treehouse is a poignant mix of romance and human drama. It has been three years since Lia vanished from Matt Crosby’s life without saying goodbye. Now a senior, Matt has a lovely girlfriend, a happening social life, and is on his way to a football scholarship. But Lia returns suddenly as the owner of the old Preacher Higgins’s house, claiming to have some clues that will lead to a treasure on the property. Convincing himself he’s just helping Lia as an old friend, Matt drops everything and joins Lia for the treasure hunt. Soon, he realizes he still has feelings for Lia. But Matt is left in the dark once again after Lia leaves without saying goodbye. Will he follow his senior plans or his heart?  There is much to enjoy in this story that features a pair of complex teens: Lia is bright and coping with her mother’s addiction issu

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