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Writing Fast

People sometimes ask me how I write so fast. They see all these books coming out and assume something magical happened. It didn’t. I don’t usually sit down and plow through a novel, or even a few thousand words. And even when the writing is inspired it’s usually full of errors and doesn’t make much sense. I know, I'm ruining the mystique of it all, right? But I love to write, and so I keep doing it. A lot. Just like I love to read, too, even as I’m a crazy slow reader, usually studying lines and sentences until it takes me forever. And still I go through a lot of books. So this fast writing thing. Sure, it seems that way. But my first five or six books were already written by the time I found a publisher willing to take me on. So I sort of had a stock pile of stories at the ready. And now while it might look like I’m Mr. Prolific, books keep coming out with my name on them, it’s not like I threw them together the other day. As most people know, the publishing world moves at a very

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