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I Made the Cut, Now What? Pitchwars '21

The summer before high school I spent every day at the park playing basketball. My jumper came along, my handles not far behind. A growth spurt helped as I put on four or five inches. And if I wasn’t at the park I was in the basement, or the driveway, or the living room, with the ball in my hands. All I did was practice. I went to a basketball camp at the nearby college. Between that and the marathon games at the park, I became decent ball player. Actually, more than decent. I was pretty good. And I knew I had a shot at achieving my biggest goal: to make the lowly freshman basketball team. There was just one problem. At the park or playing pickup games, the mood was easy and loose, just get out there to let it rip. But a real team? Tryouts? Well, just thinking about it had my stomach in knots. But it arrived just the same. Forty or more of us huddled up in the gym after school for basketball tryouts. The frazzled little coach—more of a teacher taking on the g

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