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Preorder for 30-Day Pass is now available on Amazon here . While the book is being marketed as a middle grade, which it is, this one is great for ages 9-99, as timeless themes of friendship, trust, and found family can be enjoyed by all. Here’s the blurb: Levi Rocco only wants to protect his mom from his abusive father. His father’s last visit left Levi and his mom driving to the Med First center, where Levi decided to check out the Kick City karate studio across the street. Looking in on class, he ends up meeting the instructor and walks away with a free pass for thirty days. Since there is no money for karate, thirty days will have to be enough. Cody Anderson is struggling. Recruitment and sales at Kick City are lagging. His Maple Ridge studio is last in money and profitability. The instructor only wants to teach karate, but everything else is getting in the way. But when he sees a boy outside his window, kicking like he was born to do it, Cody is taken by his raw talent and in

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