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With my twelfth book on its way to publication next month (*ahem, No Love Songs, April 18) people sometimes ask me how I have the time to write.  It’s a good question, one I’m not sure how to answer. I write, when I can. Snippets, moments, early, often. The truth is, the stuff that’s coming out is only the tip of the iceberg. For every book that is published, at least in my case, there’s two projects that never made it off my thumb drive. Back to the when, though. I used to write like a maniac, every spare minute of the day. And over that period, I wrote some really, really bad stuff. But it was all part of the process. The learning. And it was so much fun. Around ten years ago I started taking this writing thing seriously. At times, way too seriously. And the success of getting published didn’t happen overnight. Far from it. It took maybe a million words before that came along.   So let's talk about the ones that never made it. Some were okay, some were decent. Some were b

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