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No Love Songs

   With #pitmad tomorrow I thought I'd post a scene from my entry. This one's called No Love Songs, here's a random scene where Myles learns he's not the only one with problems at home... -- We hit the trails along the backend of the park, hiking down to the ledge, where the rocks sit on a cliff overlooking downtown. Before Mal, I’d been coming to River Run Park all my life and had no idea of all the trails and overlooks until she brought me down there to write songs. The first time I watched her leap onto the rock, worn smooth by all the hands and feet and paint over the years, I lunged after her to pull her back to safety—seeing how there’s nothing but a few hundred feet of fall to the river. It still makes my heart skip when she gets up there and stands with her arms spread apart, like someone about to take a swan dive to their death, but at least I’ll sit with her.  Even with the scattered trash, the beer bottles and cigar wrappers, cigarette butts and shards

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