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30-Day Pass

 Next up is 30 Day Pass! Here's the cover...   Told in alternating point of views, twelve year-old Levi only wants to defend his mother from his abusive dad when he stumbles upon a karate school across the street. When the instructor at the struggling studio finds Levi to be a natural sparrer with phenomenal raw ability, he bets everything on the kid to win the state tournament. This was the first time I've written a book with more than one point of view, and while it's got some tough moments, I enjoyed the dual narrative, developing the relationship between Levi and his instructor.  Here's the full blurb: Levi Rocco only wants to protect his mom from his abusive father. His father’s last visit left Levi and his mom driving to the Med First center, where Levi decided to check out the Kick City karate studio across the street. Looking in on class, he ends up meeting the instructor and coming away with a free pass for thirty days. And since there is no money for karate, t

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