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The dedication for my upcoming release,  Please Don’t, goes like this: To every teacher who believed in me. Both of you… Snarky? Sure, but let me explain... Yes, I had more than two good teachers throughout my school years. I had some not-so-good ones as well. My wife is a teacher, so I know all too well the demands of the job. When I wrote this snarky dedication, she came to mind. But I was also thinking of another teacher, one whose words left an impact  during a what was a tumultuous senior year in high school.  Quick backstory. The summer before twelfth grade, I’d moved across the country with my dad and stepmom and little sister. I was miserable. I complained until finally I was allowed to return home, where I moved in with my mom and her eight-year old-son. So there I was, a senior, bunking with a very boisterous eight-year-brother. Not exactly how I drew it up, you know? As an emergency room nurse, my mom was working fifty hours a week, swing shifts, nights and weekends and

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