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What Now?

For maybe ten years now I've been writing ferociously. I dreamed of the day it would happen. A book being published. That was the goal. And then, it happened... I'll never forget the day I got the email. I opened it, expecting to find the usual Thank you for submitting your work.  The thanks part was usually followed by Unfortunately, I didn’t connect with this , or Regretfully… or who can forget the tried and true, The publishing industry is a very selective … blah blah But this email didn’t have a but, an unfortunately. It had something beautiful. We would love to publish… Wait, I double checked it. Yes, we would love to publish. And there it was, I had my first publishing contract. So, yay. Success. So I found a publisher. A small, but supportive publisher. And I’ve been with them ever since. And everything is great, it truly is. I’ve actually signed eleven contracts with them. I’m even called an inhouse author , which makes me feel a little bit like a monkey on

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