Mushy Gushy Love Stories


I’ve just finished a rough draft. And it's a mushy love story. 

Okay, maybe it’s not The Notebook or anything, but a YA rock band story (I know, I know, how original, right?). Anyway,  the working title is No Love Songs, and it centers around a couple of upcoming high school seniors, Malorie and Myles—lead singer and guitarist of the post punk band, The Wide Awakes.

Myles, the guitarist has been in love with his best friend Malorie, or Mal, for two years. But when a candid video of the two of them covering a Hall and Oates song at a party goes viral, things start gaining traction. What wasn’t recorded was the kiss between the bandmates, one that neither Myles nor Mal have spoken about since.

From there, it’s messy. Mal is still with her boyfriend. Myles, living in an abusive household with his grandmother and her husband, does little other than dream about Mal. Meanwhile, Zach the drummer—a guy without dates or prospects, is the one who counsels Myles when it comes to Mal. Only Zach has his own motives, he's feeling left out as the duo are getting all the attention from the videos, threatening to break off with his own band.

It’s fun, sad and hopefully honest the whole way through. And it needs some work. But I like it. I like the juxtaposition of the this hardcore band with the falling-in-love story behind the scenes. There's a long road ahead, beta reading and many more edits before all else, but it's got a fantastic soundtrack and you know what? It's always cool to finish a book!



  1. Where do you get your ideas from for subject content?

    1. Hi Pip! Thanks for reading!

      Oh man, so many places. This punk rock one has been brewing for a while. Most of my books are heavy on music and with the quarantine I've had a chance to plug away and work it out! I've also gotten ideas from WD word prompts. One 500 word prompt turned into a YA novel coming out in 2021.


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