One For the Books

I hope you like my books.

Really. Because more are on the way.

It’s unreal, how it wasn’t all for nothing. That’s right, I’ve just signed contracts for books eight and nine.

Nine books. And I’m all out of words to describe how it feels.

2021 is going to be busy, with a book release every three months. Book…breathe…Book…breathe…Book…repeat

What helps is having the best team in the world. Amazing people, incredible editors, a determined marketing department all make up this small but mighty publisher that has built a custom bookshelf for my work. It's a perfect fit.

Now I have to do the hard part. Not the writing or the make believe or even the editing, but the real life stuff. The stepping out into the world, talking about my books and myself stuff. No longer can I hide behind my characters. I mean, they’re kids, anyway, so that wouldn’t be cool.

So buckle up, it’s going to be a bumpy November, an uncertain 2021. And for me, with a new baby and a whole bunch of words flooding the world, it’s sure to be one for the…

Well, you know.


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