Bricktown Boys Artwork

Thanks to an immensely talented friend of mine, I have artwork to go with my middle grade book, Bricktown Boys.

First, allow me to introduce the boys of Bricktown.


From left to right:

Tommy – The brains of the operation, Tommy isn’t much on the field, but is great with schemes and formations. He claims to have a girlfriend but nobody is buying it.

Kelvin – Strong, fast, and the coolest kid in the Bricks, Kelvin is the quarterback and leader of the crew. 

Ron – Pencil fighting, freestyling, breakdancing, or clobbering two defenders at once, Big Ron is a kid of many talents.

Cap – In one word, dangerous. Cap watches too much professional wrestling. You always pick Cap first, that way you don’t have to worry about him clobbering you.

Benny – A dynamic running back, Benny is the fastest kid in town. Give him the ball and get out of the way.

Sam – Full of heart and hope, Sam is just happy to be here. He has no hands, but he’s a sure tackler and never gives up on a play.  

I couldn't love this more. It's like seeing your characters come to life outside of the book. I'm thinking of sending it to libraries and bookstores. Use it for promo. But mostly it's just for me to look at!

Here's the full arrangement: 

Here's a link to the book, or comment below if you would like to buy a signed copy directly from me. 



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