New Books, New Looks

Here we go, the long awaited (at least for me) sequel to Fairy Dust Fumble is almost here. 

This time, little sister Abby takes center stage, as she uses her abilities to take on the bullies at her school. This includes students, teachers, and even the mysterious new principal. 

It was my first attempt at full on magical realism and I had a blast writing it, I hope it's as fun to read. 

Abby Clutts set out to rid her school of bullies. Instead she became the biggest bully of all.
Last year, when eleven-year-old Abby Clutts discovered she could cast spells she catapulted her clumsy big brother into local superstardom. Now Abby is taking center stage, using her talents for more ambitious pursuits. Like fighting bullies.

What begins with three “targets” soon spirals out of control. Her first stunt shuts down the school system. The second embarrasses the new principal in front of the entire student body. From there, Abby takes on anyone who dares to get in her way, even as her brother—suddenly the responsible one—warns her to cut it out. But it isn’t until her mother schedules a tour of a mysterious private school no one’s ever heard of that Abby vows to stop with the spells cold turkey.

Easier said than done. After putting bullies in their place, even thwarting a real live robbery in a way that has the whole town talking, it’s not so easy to go back to being precocious little Abby Clutts. Chess Club, Debate, Spelling Bees… please. Abby is destined for bigger things. But with each spell, as the principal follows her every move and the sheriff comes calling, Abby loses focus of the person she set out to be and moves one step closer to becoming what she set out to stop all along.

And... to coincide with the release of the spin off/sequel, Fairy Dust Fumble got a makeover!

Expect a sale on this as we near the Spellbound release date.

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That's all!


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