No Love Songs

This one has been a LONG time coming. 

When I made the cut in Pitch Wars back in 2021, I had no idea what I was facing. I rewrote a third of this book in mere weeks. Then came the grueling edits, rewrites, then, well, more edits. 

The result is No Love Songs, which is set for an April release. 

Myles Bennett hopes his punk band, The Wide Awakes, will be his ticket out of an abusive home. But a viral video of him and Mal, the band's lead singer, puts a spotlight on his obvious feelings for her while driving tensions in the band. Noah, Myles’s best friend and the band’s drummer, may have filmed the video, but he wasn’t in it, leaving him seething with poorly-hidden jealousy as the views pile up.

 When Myles and Mal get an invitation to appear on a major podcast, they "accidently" kiss while celebrating, further complicating the band’s already shaky dynamics. Meanwhile, Myles is counting the days until he can move out of his grandmother’s house, where her abusive husband, Hank, wants nothing more than for Myles to quit music and get himself a “real” job. Every time Myles resists, Hank pushes back. Literally.

 With both his band and home life in turmoil, Myles struggles to push away his true feelings for Mal, hide his bruises, and keep his band together. When The Wide Awakes land a spot at a major music festival, it should make all of Myles's dreams come true, but the stage may be too big for him to save everything—and everyone—he loves.

This is my first book with a new publisher, Winding Road Stories. And I'm blown away by the cover. I'll share it soon. Very soon! 

If you would like an advance reader copy, just leave a comment or message in the contact form and I'll be sure to get that over to you. 



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