Book Contract!


My ten year-old son has been taking karate lessons for two years now. As I’ve watched him climb up the ranks, from class to seminars to camps, he’s struggled at times, excelled at times, but most importantly he's stuck with it. He's proven he's got what it takes to be a black belt.

But back to all that watching. For two years I’ve sat and cheered him on. And I’ve learned a thing or two about how things work. And my mind, it gets to wandering.

So last year I started toying around with a karate story. Or, a family story. A found family story. That’s it. I love it. And I just (like, this morning) signed a contract to publish it out to the world!

What is it about?

30 DAY PASS tells the story of twelve year-old Levi, who only wants to defend his mother from his abusive father when he stumbles upon a karate school across the street. When the instructor at the struggling studio finds Levi to be a natural sparrer with phenomenal raw ability, he bets everything on the kid to win the state tournament.

Told in alternating points of view, it’s middle grade but not. It’s a story. And I hope you like it.





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