Simpler Times? Not So Much

We hear that phrase a lot. Simpler Times. 

And yes, to an extent I suppose it's true. There was no social media, no internet (like we know now), and *gulp* no streaming services. 

But the issues in Bricktown Boys are anything but simple. Eleven year old Sam is basically on his own, facing problems at home and school. Marcus has an easier home life, but he's trying to navigate new friends and old friends while trying to understand the bigger picture of politics his parents are always talking about. 

So if your looking for “simpler” times? Well, you won’t find it here, but you will find a piece of your childhood! Be it politics, music, sports, or small town drama, these books have you covered.


Independent Book Review calls The Dinner Debates, “Funny, sentimental, and infinitely charming.”


And Bricktown Boys, “A compassionate ode to childhood, Bricktown Boys is the book I needed growing up—and the book I need now.”


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